AI Ticket Assistant

Omnie is proud to be one of the first to offer support through ChatGPT. Our advanced virtual assistant, powered by AI and natural language processing, delivers personalized assistance and unmatched efficiency. With ChatGPT, our agents handle diverse customer queries, providing accurate responses in real-time.

This integration sets new industry standards, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge customer service. By leveraging AI, our agents focus on complex and high-value tasks while routine inquiries are swiftly handled by the virtual assistant. The integration enables us to scale our customer support operations without compromising the quality of service. Omnie continues to be at the forefront of customer service innovation, providing our partners with a competitive edge in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Human-assisted AI

Introducing the revolutionary customer service integration powered by ChatGPT, where cutting-edge technology meets a human touch, delivering an unparalleled experience that resonates perfectly with your brand. By seamlessly blending AI capabilities with authentic human-like interactions, our integration creates a customer service encounter that feels genuinely personal and on-brand.

Through advanced natural language processing, our integration enables your customer support team to engage with customers in a manner that emulates the warmth and empathy of a real human conversation. ChatGPT’s language model, trained on vast amounts of data, empowers your representatives to provide accurate and relevant responses, effortlessly adapting to the specific needs and preferences of each customer. By incorporating your brand’s voice, tone, and values into the integration, every interaction aligns seamlessly with your company’s identity, building trust and fostering brand loyalty.


% ROI after just 1 month


% of tickets handled by ChatGPT


Support hours saved monthly


Hour implementation

Generates Automatic AI Responses

Our integration with ChatGPT’s advanced language model automatically generates responses that exceed customer expectations. It seamlessly analyzes inquiries and crafts accurate, personalized replies in real-time, from FAQs to complex support requests. Our customer service team can handle a higher volume of inquiries while maintaining professionalism. With the integration’s ability to learn and adapt, customers receive prompt and relevant solutions, boosting satisfaction and loyalty. Embrace the transformative power of our ChatGPT integration for effortless, AI-driven customer service and bid farewell to time-consuming manual responses.

Generate Your Own AI-Assisted Response

ChatGPT is a valuable tool that can assist in writing customer service emails with efficiency and precision. This technology can generate professional and articulate email responses tailored to each customer’s needs with limited instruction from the agent. With ChatGPT’s assistance, agents can save time and deliver high-quality responses that maintain the brand’s tone and voice up to 90% faster. This AI-powered capability enhances the customer service experience, resulting in improved satisfaction and effective resolution of issues.

Expansive Knowledge Base

Within an hour we create a comprehensive knowledge base by indexing various sources such as you website, help center, Shopify pages, and external resources. Through advanced algorithms, it scans and analyzes these platforms, extracting relevant information and organizing it into a centralized knowledge base. This allows for easy access to a wide range of information, including product details, FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and more. Say goodbye to scattered information and welcome a seamlessly integrated knowledge base that enhances customer support and boosts overall satisfaction.

Conversation Summarization

AI brings the power of conversation summarization to help desks, transforming the way customer interactions are handled. This technology extracts key points, identifies important information, and condenses lengthy exchanges into concise summaries. With AI-driven conversation summarization, customer service representatives can quickly review and understand the essential details of each conversation, improving response times and enhancing overall efficiency.

Solution Highlights


Supports emails, live chat, SMS, Facebook messages, and Instagram messages

Brand Voice

Program your unique brand tone and voice to be used in all interactions


Seamless integrations with Shopify, Zendesk, and Gorgias


Understands 15 of the worlds most common languages