Customers with multiple touch points can enjoy a seamless journey with a single brand ambassador. Build trust. Build relationships. Have more authentic interactions.


Automation using Omniebot helps stimulate interactions with customers automatically. Let us influence the customer experience by breaking the ice.

Proactive Service

Proactive customer service occurs when team members engage with your customers without being prompted. This includes checking what they need help with, directing them where they want to go, and even highlighting promotions and new products.

Scalable Service

Businesses need to grow in order to be successful. If your customer service can’t keep up you will lose the chance to impress them. This can be easily avoided with a managed customer service solution.

Actionable Insights

Have the data available to make impactful decision. Every connection with any customer is a revenue opportunity – don’t leave your service strategy to chance.


The emerging trend in customer service. It lets customers go at their own pace and find what they want fast.


Omnie’s agile platform is built to seamlessly integrate with tools your business already uses. If you don’t see your tools listed here, please reach out to our team and see what we can do for you!

How It Works

Implementation of Omnie services is quick and seamless. We do all the heavy lifting – you simply approve brand ambassador scripts, templates, and provide feedback.

Step 1: Gathering Requirements

Our team will conduct a needs assessment with your stakeholders, which includes requirements, defining the desired solution, and timelines. Discussions will include:

  • Volume forecasting
  • Contact channels offered
  • Hours of support
  • Workflows & processes
  • Design and branding feedback
  • Reporting requirements

Step 2: Project Charter

Omnie will deliver a project charter outlining the scope of work, establishing deadlines, and setting up KPIs. The completion of the project charter kicks off our speedy, seamless integration with your support channels.

Step 3: Implementation

Implementation takes just a few weeks. Each of your support channels and our process flows is tested thoroughly by our team of developers. Premier brand ambassadors are selected and undergo five days of comprehensive training prior to contact with any of your customers. This training includes brand education and understanding unique workflows. Testing is made available to you once we have your Omnie solution set up, and then we’re ready to launch!

Why Choose Omnie?

We take great pride in offering innovative, industry-leading solutions and record response times. Let us help you reinvent your customer care.

True Omni-Channel Experience

Our centrally managed platform delivers fast, focused support on every channel you offer.

Increased Engagement & Revenue

Convenient customer contact points yield better business growth – and fewer abandoned carts.

Straightforward Pricing & Terms

No surprises here, just no-nonsense pricing that’s up front and always aligned with your goals.

Guaranteed SLAs

We promise to deliver industry-leading response times for your customers, across all channels.

User-Friendly & Design Focused

Manage all of your channels in one elegant, branded interface that’s accessible on all devices.

Security & Data Protection

You and your customers have guaranteed data protection including remote access control.

Customer Satisfaction

Your brand is represented by live brand ambassadors with world-class customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

Sustainable & Leading Approach

We’re committed to employing a diverse team of brand ambassadors and paying fair wages.