Hi! Let me start off by introducing you to myself. My name is Trish Loreth and I am the Director of Client Success and Operations Lead at Omnie Integrated Services. While my career has varied in industries, I have always been extremely passionate about one thing – and that’s the client. I have had the opportunity to work in Customer Service, Learning and Development, Marketing, and Sales. Throughout every position, there has always been one common thread: I have found it very hard for a company to be successful without delivering a thoughtful, proactive, informative, and kind customer experience.

I am beyond thrilled to be part of Omnie for so many reasons. However, this post isn’t meant to be about me. Today I wanted to explain the client-customer relationship and share a handful of customer feedback we have received lately.  At Omnie, we are a white label solution. If you are unsure what white label means, not to worry – it’s just an elevated term used for a client who uses Omnie and have our team branded as their own company. For this exact reason, it’s vital that Omnie hires the right people. Handing over your customer service to an “outsourcer” is understandably a big decision, but that’s where I feel confident in saying we aren’t just an outsourcer. We are a partner.

Coming from a customer service background where I spent endless hours interviewing, hiring, training, retraining, followed by reps either suffering from burnout or moving into a different position as CS was a “stepping stone”, I had to take a quick second and wrap my head around Omnie’s process. Not only does our team take over the entirety of workforce management (which I personally think is one of the biggest wins), but you also get a dedicated Director of Client Success and a Customer Service Team Lead to help make your program the best it can possibly be. Through detailed reporting, Omnie breaks down the major pain points and major wins for each brand – and how to turn them into actionable items to either improve or utilize.

Now, enough about process. I really feel like it’s important to share some customer feedback we have received over the past month… because the customer’s always right, right!? Omnie offers our clients the option to collect Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Scores and comments which I find extremely helpful when deep diving into potential areas for growth. With Omnie’e CSAT scores consistently exceeding 85%, these are just a few of the comments that have put a smile on my face over the last little bit:

  • Exceedingly prompt and friendly service on a Friday night after 6 pm. Unheard of.
  • Fantastic customer service. Very patient while we figured out what I was going to order. His patience led me to buy more without being rushed like most companies do. Thank you
  • I was very glad to speak to a live person right away and resolved my situation promptly made me love this company even more. Customer service matters a great deal.
  • Always fast, friendly, and helpful. Always a quick solution!
  • Amazing service. I received the missing pieces next day. What an incredible standard of customer service!
  • Amazing, and brief, to the point. Tracking rigor, and knowledge shipment impacts due to pandemic. Yep… Very satisfied with my interactions with Customer Service.
  • By far the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Each representative was kind and were extremely helpful ❤️
  • Customer service support team was outstanding
  • Exceptional customer service – a rarity in today’s world!

If you want to learn more about how Omnie works – please let me know. I would be more than happy to jump on a call, meet for a coffee (or vino!) or just give you some more information via email!

As a non-outsourcing believer who has been fully converted to our Omnie-Partnership model, I encourage you to check us out!

Don’t be a stranger,

Trish Loreth


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