Omnie Integrated Services Inc. today announced it is launching a managed, live chat customer support app for Shopify, available in the Shopify App Store. In just a few minutes, Shopify merchants can implement a fully branded, live chat widget on every page of their store. With world-class agents available 24/7/365, Shopify merchants can instantly deliver a seamless, personalized experience for their customers.

Omnie’s app is a significant enhancement from the current live chat software that requires the Shopify merchant to be available to respond to requests. Powered by Omnie’s Human Cloud Network, we help convert site visitors into customers by providing instant support, product recommendations and purchasing assistance. Live chat support around the clock has been proven to decrease cart abandonment, bounce rate, and help build long lasting customer relationships.

“At Omnie, we are focused on making premier customer experiences available to businesses of all sizes.” said Jordan Brown, Founder of Omnie. “The modern customer expects 24/7 support available at their fingertips, but this is next to impossible for growing Shopify merchants. We are thrilled be here to delight their customers, allowing our valued Shopify merchants time to focus on growth.”

The Omnie – Branded Live Support app can be installed in just a few minutes for as low as $99/month. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Brand your widget.• Button & Header Background Color
    • Launcher Text Color
    • Widget position (bottom right, bottom left, top right, top left)
    • Launcher Button Text
    • Form Title Text
  3. Answer a few short questions so the Omnie team can better assist your customers.
  4. You now have live chat support 24/7.

It’s time to elevate your customer experience and be there for your customers throughout their entire journey. To download the app or learn more about Omnie, please visit the links below:

Download Omnie – Branded Live Support

Learn more about Omnie


About Omnie
Omnie is driven by a mission to make leading customer service and leading technologies available to businesses of all sizes. Changing the way brands communicate with their customers, the Omnie platform supports voice, SMS, email, contact form, live chat and social media. For digital communications, Omnie offers both live chat and automated customer support via its proprietary software, Omniebot. With clients in the United States, Canada, and Europe, Omnie provides customer service to brands all verticals including eCommerce, health & wellness, and hospitality.


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