See What Omnie Can Do For You

Discover the transformative power of Omnie’s customer service solutions. From cutting-edge technology to a team of world-class agents, unlock unparalleled support tailored to your needs.

We Specialize In

A True Omni-Channel Experience

With Omnie, your customers get fast, resolution-focused service on their preferred channel:

  • Voice
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media (public and direct messaging)
  • Messaging Platforms
  • Self-help through Automation

Our services seamlessly integrate with all of your support channels – even the ones you’ve always wanted to use but didn’t have the resources to manage!

Outstanding Live Support

Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service goes beyond mere words – it’s ingrained in every aspect of our operations.

We handpick our live agents for their diverse experience and service background, ensuring they seamlessly connect with your customers and embody your brand voice. After joining our team, they undergo an intensive training program, immersing themselves in your brand’s intricacies. This comprehensive training equips them with the expertise to represent your company with professionalism and authenticity.

As a result of this meticulous preparation, our agents have a proven track record of achieving world-class Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores consistently. They genuinely understand the unique needs and expectations of your customers, allowing them to exceed those expectations time and time again.


We redefine efficiency through cutting-edge automation tailored to your business needs. With a relentless focus on driving down costs, we take pride in our ability to automate up to an astounding 73% of interactions, streamlining processes and maximizing productivity.

Our secret lies in the perfect blend of automation and personalization, ensuring that your customers never know they are interacting with automated systems. Embrace the future of seamless customer experiences with Omnie, and watch as your business soars to new heights of success.

Experience the Benefits

We’re passionate about reinventing managed customer service through innovative technology and service. This is how we do it.

Omni-Channel Service

Fast, focused support on every channel, managed in one platform.

Better Business Growth

Convenient contact points yield happy customers and more sales.

Guaranteed SLAs

We promise to always deliver our lightning-fast response times.

User-Friendly Platform

One elegant, branded interface that’s accessible on all devices