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Prinics, a worldwide KODAK brand licensee for dye-sublimation photo printers and instant print cameras, launches leading customer service program with Omnie Integrated Services.

Prinics, a Korean-based printing technology company specializing in photo printers has partnered with Omnie Integrated Services Inc., an innovative, industry-leading omni-channel customer service platform.

Omnie’s leading platform, which delights users through an integrated customer experience, is elevating the customer service provided by Prinics. Omnie customized its solution to support Prinics’ KODAK photo printer and instant print camera customers through Amazon and their online store in over 100 languages.

With Omnie supporting 12 countries globally, Prinics can comfortably expand into new markets while maintaining the same standard and excellent service KODAK photo printer and instant print camera customers are accustomed to.

“We look forward to working with Omnie as we grow in the e-commerce market,” said Andrew No, CEO of Prinics America, Inc. “Our dye-sublimation technology makes our product unique in the instant print camera and printer space, and we are excited to bring on a partner who shares our enthusiasm for documenting all of life’s special moments.”

“Prinics’ KODAK photo printers and instant print camera products are internationally known as the best way to capture your most precious moments,” said Jordan Brown, Founder of Omnie. “With a well-known brand like KODAK, it’s important that we offer service and technology that match the expectations of their customers. We are thrilled to be partnering with Prinics as they begin their foray into the online marketplace.”

About Prinics
Prinics is a worldwide KODAK brand licensee with full rights to develop, manufacture, and sell KODAK photo printers and instant print cameras. The company successfully developed a printing technology and convenient all-in-one cartridge that are exported to majority of the countries around the world. To suit customers’ demand of optimal terms of quality, Prinics manufactures products that will be regarded as one of the best on market with rigorous quality standards.

About Omnie
Omnie is driven by a mission to make premier customer service and leading technologies available to businesses of all sizes. Changing the way brands communicate with their customers, the Omnie platform supports voice, SMS, email, contact form, live chat and social media. For digital communications, Omnie offers both live chat and automated customer support via its proprietary software, Omniebot. With clients in the United States, Canada, and Europe, Omnie provides customer service to brands all verticals including eCommerce, health & wellness, and hospitality.

The Kodak trademark is used under license by Prinics from Kodak.

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