Omnie Integrated Services Inc., a leading omni-channel customer service solutions provider, has announced a partnership with, an emerging leader in artificial intelligence (AI) customer service technology. Together, the companies are poised to revolutionize the customer service experience by combining human expertise with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

With this partnership, businesses can now enhance their customer service delivery through popular digital channels such as email, chat, SMS, Facebook and Instagram, providing quicker, more efficient, and personalized responses. Yuma’s advanced AI technology will complement Omnie’s omni-channel customer service platform by offering real-time insights and analysis, enabling customer service agents to promptly and accurately respond to customer inquiries.

Together, Omnie and Yuma will provide an unprecedented level of customer service, empowering agents to instantly comprehend customer queries and provide appropriate responses in many major languages globally. OpenAI’s ChatGPT enables real-time translation, natural language understanding, and intent analysis, ensuring efficient resolution of customer issues. By integrating this technology into their platform, Omnie’s customer service team will access a sophisticated knowledge base and a variety of automation tools, streamlining the process of providing customized and effective support to customers.

The AI-powered system is designed to mimic the distinctive tone and voice of each brand in real time. This results in routine inquiries that can be resolved quickly and accurately, while more complex issues can be escalated to Omnie’s world-class customer service representatives.

“By joining forces with Yuma, we are able to offer our customers an even more comprehensive solution that leverages the latest advancements in AI technology,” said Jordan Brown, Founder of Omnie. “We believe that this partnership will allow us to provide even more personalized and streamlined support to our partners. We’re confident that it will further strengthen our position as a leading provider of customer service solutions that combine the best of both worlds – technology and a personalized human experience.”

“We are excited to bring Yuma’s technology to another excellent customer service platform such as Omnie,” said Guillaume Luccisano, Founder of Yuma. “Our mission is to finally solve customer support for Shopify merchants through AI, and with the help of Omnie, we are one step closer to achieving this goal.”

The addition of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into Omnie’s platform is a significant step forward in the evolution of customer service solutions. By combining advanced machine learning algorithms with expert human support, Omnie is demonstrating its commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience to its partners.


About Omnie

Omnie is driven by a mission to make premier customer service and leading technologies available to businesses of all sizes. Changing the way brands communicate with their customers, Omnie supports voice, SMS, email, contact form, live chat, social media, and messaging platforms. With clients in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, Omnie provides customer service to brands all verticals including eCommerce, health & wellness, and hospitality.


Yuma is at the forefront of the new AI wave, offering an app that brings OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology directly to your help desk (such as Gorgias or Zendesk). We help merchants and support agents deliver more value to their customers, faster, by providing them with pre-made drafts tailored to their business and the customer’s inquiry.

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